We both had the idea of starting our own individual companies.  Jesse thought of a General Contracting company specializing in New Home Construction and Chandra was drawn to the Interior Design field.  After a few discussions, we thought, why not combine them?  The naming of our new Company followed in that same idea. Jesse was looking up ways to name a company and settled on the idea of creating a new word to describe it.  This led to, Wholme, a combination of Whole and Home.  As Jesse was saying this aloud, Chandra so effortlessly added, “Making your Whole Home you”…  And a company was born!  Well the name at least.

We’re the one husband and wife design and build team in town that takes a holistic approach to building, remodeling and designing homes. We call Madison home with our two young children, Eleanor and Vince. We love that we get to spend our days together and include our little ones in the fun. We genuinely enjoy working together and still pinch ourselves, asking “is this seriously our life?”  We love it!


Jesse is a second-generation carpenter and contractor with construction in the blood. He co-founded Wholme on the philosophy of The 100 Year Home®. His vision is to create homes with functional and aesthetic appeal that will stand the test of time.

Chandra is co-owner and head of design for Wholme. A fine arts degree compliments her talent for 3-D, texture, pattern and tones. With a passion for beauty and minimalism, she instinctively knows what belongs and what doesn’t in any space.

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